Our Plan


  1. CodeFeedr Approved!

    January 2016

    Georgios together with Joost received a grant from the NWO Big Software for his CodeFeedr proposal

  2. Dominik joined the team!

    February 2016

    Dominik is the first to join the team as a PhD Student, we are happy to have Dominik onboard!

  3. Vision Paper accepted at BIGDSE'16

    February 2016

    Our paper "Streaming Software Analytics" has been accepted at the #bigdse16 workshop #icse16

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  4. Joseph joined the team!

    February 2017

    Joseph is our second member to join the team!


Georgios Gousios
Assistant Professor, PI

  • | HB08.110

Joost Visser
Professor & CTO at SIG, Co-PI

Magiel Bruntink
Head of Research, SIG

Joseph Hejderup
PhD Student

  • | HB08.140

Dominik Šafarić
PhD Student

  • | HB08.140
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